Staff Recommendation: Represent: 200 Years of African American Art in the Philadelphia Museum of Art

If you missed the January 10 – April 5, 2015, exhibition at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, fear not: the UArts Greenfield Library has the 210-page hardcover edition of the exhibition catalog for Represent: 200 Years of African American Art in the Philadelphia Museum of Art (Philadelphia Museum of Art in association with Yale University Press, 2014), Greenfield Open Stacks 704.03960748 Sh26r. The catalog has many images that were not included in the exhibition, so it’s a special treat to possibly find additional works by artists you may have enjoyed in the show. Information about the exhibit is still available at

Of special interest to the UArts community are five UArts alumni featured in the exhibit:



Samuel Joseph Brown, Jr. (Class of 1930)

Smoking My Pipe, 1934




Claude Clark (Class of 1939)

Time-Out, 1939-40


Freelon, Allan Randall. Our Lady of Good Voyage.


Allan Randall Freelon (Class of 1916)

Our Lady of Good Voyage, before 1935


Represent Keene 

Paul F. Keene, Jr. (attended 1939-41, faculty member, 1954-68)

Three Graces, 1960



Jayson Musson (Class of 2002)

Trying to Find Our Spot Off in That Light, Light off in Our Spot, 2014

Also of note: UArts Museum Studies faculty member Helen Shannon contributed the Jacob Lawrence essay. Come check out the book and enjoy!

Staff Recommendation: Night of the Hunter, Film and Book

gish-300x225Part Gothic horror, part fairy tale, part German expressionist film, Night of the Hunter (GD978, in Blu-Ray from Criterion) is surely one of the most unusual semi-mainstream films you’ll ever see. Robert Mitchum is creepy, creepy, creepy, as a charismatic and murderous itinerant preacher who goes up against the fabulous Lillian Gish, great star of silent films, in his quest for stolen money hidden, unbeknownst to him, in a little girl’s doll. Two young children, John and Pearl, go on a voyage to escape Mitchum’s Harry Powell. A fascinating story seen from a child’s point of view, the haunting sets and cinematography are just as good as the frightening morality tale played out on the screen. The only film ever directed by Charles Laughton, Night of the Hunter will have you on the edge of your seat. Turn out the lights, turn off your phone, watch and enjoy!

Once you’ve seen the film (you don’t want to spoil the story, after all), take a look at Simon Callow’s book, Night of the Hunter (Greenfield Open Stacks 701.4372 N521c), from the British Film Institute Classics series. A noted actor (he played Emanuel Schickaneder in Amadeus and Gareth in Four Weddings and a Funeral), Callow is also a wonderful author, and this slim volume focuses a great deal on Charles Laughton and the production of the film.

sjm01 Recommended by Sara MacDonald, Public Services Librarian

UArts Winter Break: Library Hours

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Theatre Library Association 2013 Book Award Winners

On September 13, 2014, the Theatre Library Association (TLA) published their TLA Book Award winners and finalists list. We’re happy to say that the UArts Libraries have most of them, and what we don’t have will be ordered soon. The winners are:


Wonder of Wonders: A Cultural History of Fiddler on the Roof / by Alisa Solomon. Music Library ML 410 .B666 S6 2013



From the Score to the Stage: An Illustrated History of Continental Opera Production and Staging / by Evan Baker. Music Library REF ML 1720 .B254 2013



Fosse / by Sam Wasson. Greenfield Library 793.30924 F794w




Carmen: A Gypsy Geography / by Ninotchka Devorah Bennahum. ebook.




Stagestruck: The Business of Theater in Eighteenth-Century France and Its Colonies / by Lauren R. Clay. ebook.




Hollywood and Hitler / by Thomas Doherty. ebook.





Jim Henson: The Biography / by Brian Jay Jones. Greenfield Library 791.43024 H398j

To see the TLA’s complete list of book award winners visit

International Encyclopedia of Dance


Are you interested in any or all aspects of dance? International Encyclopedia of Dance is a great starting point. In its print form it’s a 6-volume encyclopedia published in 1998 that was the first true encyclopedia of dance published (and received multiple awards, by the way). The online version, published by Oxford University Press, can of course be updated, and can be accessed anywhere by current UArts students. Articles can be emailed to any email address, and most entries have a selected bibliography of books, articles, and sometimes videos. Look up tutu, footwear, scenic design, lighting, Merce Cunningham, or Bakst!

To get to it, go to Under ONLINE RESOURCES select Reference Sources and then scroll down to International Encyclopedia of Dance.